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Ace OFAAce is a blue tri color, chocolate QUAD color carrier pure bred AKC / FCI bulldog. Ace is an International Champion and the ONLY rare tri color bulldog in theWORLD to earn a legitimate AKC/FCI type Championship. He has achieved his AKC GCG title. Ace is OFA health tested A+ OFA CARDIAC, OFA LEGS, OFA SKIN, OFA BLOOD THYROID, OFA BAER test perfect hearing! Ace is very sweet & super smart! He rolls over, shakes hands, sits & jumps through hoops on command :) Plz scroll down to see more photos of Ace, Ace's puppies, Ace's Champion Diplomas & OFA certificates. I will be adding more soon! FYI for breeders before you email me please note blue aka gray is NOT a DQ. It is not even mentioned in the bulldog breed standard as negative. As long as a bulldog doesn't have a liver colored nose they can compete for AKC Champion or Grand Champion titles just the same as bulldogs of any other color. SCROLL BELOW FOR PICTURES OF ACE & HIS PUPPIES
blue tri english bulldogs


blue english bulldog puppies

english bulldog puppies black tri, blue tri color

Below "Ace" International all breed dog show 2011.

Bulldog blue Ace In The Hole

blue bulldog

blue tri french bulldog Once In a Blue Moon and Blue english bulldog Ace In The Hole

blue bulldog photo

blue tri bulldog pictures Ace

blue bulldog Ace OFA

blue bulldog pictures

AKC Blue Bulldog Ace

AKC blue bulldog

blue gray english bulldog blue eyes

blue bulldog picture

Champion blue bulldogblue bulldog blue eyes bulldog

Ace blue bulldog

Ace in the hole Bulldog

Champion Ace In the Hole at 14 wks old below:

Ace blue bulldog

Champion Ace In the Hole & Titan Of Troix at 14 wks old below:

Titan of Troix blue bulldog Ace picture

Champion Ace In the Hole at 12 wks old below:

Blue english bulldog photosblue bulldog imagesBlue english bulldog pic

Champion Ace In the Hole at 12 wks old below:

blue english bulldog puppies

Champion Ace In the Hole at 8 mos old below:

Champion Ace In the Hole at 8 mos old below:

blue tri english bulldog

Int Champion Ace In The Hole blue bulldog

blue bulldog

Champion Ace In the Hole at 12 wks old below:

blue english bulldog puppies

Champion Ace In the Hole at 12 wks old & new born below:

blue bulldog puppies for sale blue bulldog puppies

Blue english bulldog AKC

Ace's beautiful sire: "Gordy". Gordy's AKC pedigree is totally outcrossed, 5 complete generations with NO line-breeding at all. Gordy is owned Ace sire Gordy bulldog

Ace sired puppies below (updated photos to come soon:

Shrinkabull Ace bulldog puppies

bulldog puppies

bulldog puppies for sale

english bulldog puppies

blue bulldogs

blue blue eyed bulldog puppies

blue eyes bulldog

black tri bulldog puppies

blue bulldogs

tri bulldog puppies

AKC english bulldog puppies

blue tri english bulldog puppies

blue english bulldog puppies

english bulldog puppies

bulldog puppies and babies

beautiful tri color bulldog puppy

ck tri bulldog puppy

black tri bulldog puppies

New born one day old Ace sired puppies below:

blue tri english bulldog puppies

AKC blue english bulldog puppies photos

blue bulldog puppies for sale

rare color bulldog puppies

tri color bulldog puppies

3 1/2 wk old Ace son below:

black white AKC bulldog puppies

black tri Champion sired bulldog puppy



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