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- The most important step in buying a bulldog puppy is choosing a reputable english bulldog breeder who is breeding for the right reasons. By selecting a reputable bulldog breeder from the start, you can save yourself a great deal of trouble, and money in the long run (thousands on vet bills &/orheartbreak). Also you could very likely end up with a mix bred dog or a dog that very poorly represents the breed & isn't what you wanted in a bulldog in the first place.

- Many people impulse-buy a puppy from a local pet store or from a backyard / puppymill breeder because the puppy looked cute. I'm sure you have heard this advice before and may wondered why. The answer is simple: Pet stores buy bulldog puppies from puppy brokers and puppymills. They use the sales tactic that they have a special breeder they work with or that the puppies are from a "local breeder". But the fact is No truly concerned and ethical dog breeder will sell to a pet store because ethical breeders want to be the ones to screen the homes to which their puppies go. English Bulldog breeders who breed the right way spend years of research behind each breeding or the parents for each breeding and then hand raise the puppies every two hrs after birth. With all that work , time, love & expense a reputable breeder could not let a puppy go without knowing what that pups future will likely be!!

- Any responsible bulldog breeder is going to ask you questions about yourself and your family. The breeder will be eager to know whether or not you will make a loving safe home for one of their puppies. Most reputable breeders will ask you to fill out an application or questionnaire and provide references or photos of your home. Reputable breeders are usually small-scale breeders. They normally breed only one or two different dog breeds and are extremely knowledgeable about their breed/breeds. The smaller scale breeding ensures that the bulldogs are kept in the home and family raised, not kept outside in kennel runs with little human interaction.
- NEVER buy from a breeder that has 20 - 30 puppies listed for sale at one time or within a short time period. Bulldog puppies take a LOT of love, time, work & expense to raise the correct way. A breeders goal should be to improve the breed & produce the best puppies/dogs possible in the next generation, NOT to simply sell puppies for profit! When bulldog breeding is done the correct way it is more often not a profitable endeavor because a good breeder will often put more into their dogs than they will ever gain in a financial way.
- When a breeders main goal is to produce quality they will take no shortcuts in breeding the best quality, healthiest bulldogs & raising them the right way. On the other hand breeders who are breeding as a 'business'(only for profit) will breed lower quality bulldogs & take whatever shortcuts are needed to maximize profit. So in the long run you will likely end up getting a lesser quality dog that will be more likely to have health issues by not choosing a reputable breeder in the beginning. Be vary wary of bulldog puppies that are priced low as these are often scams or much lower quality bulldogs. The average price for high quality bulldogs at this time is 3,000 - 4,000.
- Once you select your english bulldog breeder (this should be your first step) the next step is to pick your bulldog puppy. Your breeder may have puppies available but often times you will have to wait for the right puppy. The best way to pick the right puppy for you is to pick a breeder that evaluates each bulldog pup's individual personality as well as its physical features and makes an effort to convey this to you. For example one puppy might be the most dominant puppy in the litter or one puppy might be the most laid back puppy in the litter. The best way to know this is by asking the breeder how each puppy interacts with the other puppies and the people in the family. If you have younger children you probably won't want the most dominant puppy in the litter but you may not want the most shy puppy in the litter either.
- Also to be considered are the physical features. Some english bulldog puppies will be higher or lower maintenance depending on their physical makeup. For example if a Bulldog puppy has a tight or inverted tail or overdone wrinkles that puppy will take more time to clean and take care of on a daily basis. This might be less concerning for someone who is retired & has more free time. But for a busy working family, a puppy with a cleaner tail & cleaner wrinkles will be lower maintenance might be a much better fit. These are more reasons why you need to pick a bulldog breeder who is very hands on & knowledgeable about the dogs they breed.
- Once you pick out your bulldog puppy you will need to place a deposit on your puppy and start gathering puppy supplies together to take care of him/her. I put a list of the bulldog puppy supplies we recommend below:

1. Supplements are very important for your developing puppy. See bulldog supplements CLICK HERE

2. Pick an organic or very natural food brand. If your breeder is not feeding a super premium food then you should slowly transition your puppy onto a new diet once you get your puppy home. This is very important as cancer is the leading cause for death in canines. We are currently feeding Fromm Gold adult dog food http://www.frommfamily.com/dealers.php. It's important to remember that dog food brands often change ingredients without notice. Also, many of the top selling brands (Iams, Eukanuba, Purina and the like) have massive ad campaigns and pretty pictures on the front but they are filled with preservatives and low quality ingredients. Your finer dog foods are typically found at mom-and-pop or boutique pet shops and not the larger chain stores, although they may be able to special order it for you.

3. THE BULLDOG BIBLE http://www.detour-records.co.uk/thebulldogbible.htm

4. You need a puppy crate. For a puppy we recommend the life stages crate as it works best with house training. http://www.petedge.com/product/MidWest-Life-Stages-Folding-Wire-Crates/44315.uts

5. Food, water bowls

6. Nail clippers or dremmel tool / Kwik Stop blood coagulant

7. Spray bottle

8. Toys (remove any small buttons, eyes, noses). Only leave very very safe toys with your puppy when you are not home such as Kongs, nylabones or big balls made from the kong material see : http://www.humanesociety.org/animals/dogs/tips/dog_toys.html

9. Leash, collar (not a choke collar or harness)

10. Pooper scooper (for your yard)

11. Puppy bed for your house

These things should get you started.....

12. Next locate a BULLDOG VET!! Vets that are not very familiar with & understanding of the bulldogs unique anatomy are constantly misdiagnosing bulldogs because they use the same approach as any other breed when in fact bulldogs are very different.
Your bulldog puppy breeder should be able to provide records of your pup's vaccination and worming history for you to give your vet. Your bulldog puppy should not leave its breeder / litter until he or she is about 8 wks old & has had 1 -2 sets of vaccinations.

Please CLICK HERE for puppy care & bringing your puppy home care.


WEB SITE: www.miniature-englishbulldogs.com

At SHRINK-A-BULL MINIATURE ENGLISH Bulldogs we can arrange flights for your new Mini Bulldog puppy to new homes in: Alabama, AL; Alaska, AK; Arizona, AZ; Arkansas, AR; California , CA; Colorado, CO; Connecticut, CT; Delaware, DE; Florida, FL; Georgia, GA; Hawaii, HI; Idaho, ID; Illinois, IL; Indiana, IN; Iowa, IA; Kansas, KS; Kentucky, KY; Louisiana, LA; Maine, ME; Maryland, MD; Massachusetts, MA; Michigan, MI; Minnesota, MN; Mississippi, MS; Missouri, MO; Montana, MT; Nebraska, NE; Nevada, NV; New Hampshire, NH; New Jersey, NJ; New Mexico, NM; New York, NY; North Carolina, NC; North Dakota, ND; Ohio, OH; Oklahoma, OK; Oregon, OR; Pennsylvania, PA; Rhode Island, RI; South Carolina, SC; South Dakota, SD; Tennessee, TN; Texas, TX; Utah, UT; Vermont, VT; Virginia , VA; Washington, WA; West Virginia, WV; Wisconsin, WI; Wyoming, WY, Canada and we can ship Mini Bulldog puppies to approved homes that are out of country depending on quarantine laws & other conditions...

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