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Thank you for visiting our site to learn more about the Shrinkabulls family! Our family consists of 3 generations of true bulldog lovers :) We have passed AKC inspection for 2013. ! We have had English Bulldogs as family pets since childhood. Our Bulldogs are family members! After spending time with other breeds as a teen I realized that I was born into the bulldog breed and that it was the only breed for me :) Our Bulldogs just make us happy and we would feel lost without them.

Our bulldog puppies are hand raised with our children. We specialize in pure bred Champion English Bulldogs, pure bred French Bulldogs & rare exotic colored bulldogs. We place quality before size or color when considering any breedings. We breed for health, temperament & quality first. Exotic colors / size are just icing on the cake but not our main focus. The rare bulldog colors we specialize in are black tri, blue tri, chocolate tri bulldogs & exotic purple lilac tri.

We prefer to place our bulldog puppies in loving pet homes not breeding homes. Many of our English bulldog puppies have went on to celebrity and showbiz families. Such as Shrinkabull Celebrity English Bulldog photofamous singers, producers, models, American Idol, actors, actresses & celebrity athletes. Several of our bulldogs are also now Hollywood celebrity magazine mascots. Many of our english & french bulldogs do acting, modeling & therapy work themselves :) However this is just a beloved hobby we have, a passion for us. Many of our puppies go to loving pet homes to sleep on someone's couch & be cherished by their families. Of course we like showing our beautiful bullie babies off but most importantly we want our puppies to have the happiest lives possible. We are grateful to the wonderful families who have adopted our babies & given them wonderful loving homes:) Our puppies make the best family members and have much love to give. They are like having a little silly laid back kid always ready to make you smile & love you unconditionally :)

As for our breedings - We only breed one or two litters a year because we have full time jobs, bullie & human children. Quality means more than quantity to us. But we normally do have a couple puppies available per month from stud service breedings out of our Champion Bulldog or exotic studs. We don't have a kennel. Our adult Bulldogs live with us as family members. Our english bulldog puppies are born c-section & kept in an incubator box in our sterilized nursery after birth. We hand feed them & place them on mommy to nurse every Shrinkabull bulldogstwo hrs after birth around the clock. My son & little girl help hand raise our puppies from birth. So our puppies are extremely socialized from the moment they are born. We breed our English bulldog puppies from the very very best Champion lines that the bulldog breed originated from... :)International Champion ACE English Bulldog

When contacting us please keep in mind that unfortunately we have extremely busy schedules :(We have a human baby, teenage children, bulldog kids & full time jobs. We just can't find enough time in a day. So if you email or call us & don't get a response, please if you are seriously interested just try again. We want to talk with everyone but we do get many many calls & emails so it is hard to keep up. Most questions you may have can be answered on our site. So please take the time to examine our site & try to find the answers to many of your questions :) Our contact info is email: SHRINKABULLS@GMAIL.COM phone: 937-344-4309. Please scroll down for more cute pictures of our human & bully kids !

english bulldog puppies cute baby

english bulldog shrinkabulls

mini english bulldog puppies picturenew born english bulldog puppies



English bulldog Shrinkabull Titan Of Troix

Ace Blue bulldog blue english bulldog blue eyes

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